About Messer Americas

We're a technology and applications leader with the industry knowledge and applications expertise to meet customer needs across industrial, food, medical, chemical and electronics industries. We offer over 120 years of proven experience in the safe and reliable production and delivery of industrial, medical and specialty gases. We’re the talented people you know and trust.

Formed in 2019, we draw on a rich heritage of industrial gases expertise to meet customer needs. As a part of Messer Group, we are the world’s largest privately owned industrial gases business. We know the industries we serve inside and out – and we know our customers depend on us for more than just safe and reliable supply.

Today our deep understanding of industry trends and customer requirements allows us to collaborate intensely with customers to identify and develop long-term solutions that deliver competitive advantage. Our in-depth knowledge of customers’ manufacturing processes enables us to provide turn-key innovations with minimal plant downtime, and our technology development capabilities are unrivaled.

Our Mission

To become the premier supplier of choice for industrial, medical and specialty products in the Americas, admired for our safety culture, our customer focus and our performance culture. We will provide innovative applications for our customers, with excellent speed to market, and serve customers reliably.

Our Core Values


Employee Orientation


Customer Focus

Corporate Responsbility

Trust and Respect

Messer Americas by the Numbers

As of December 31, 2022

Messer Americas Employees by the Numbers
~5,000 Employees

Messer Americas Production Facilities
90+ Production Facilities

Retail Sites in Canada
60+ Retailers in Canada

Messer Americas Healthcare Centers in Colombia
6 Healthcare Centers in Colombia

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