At Messer Americas, our vision for Diversity & Inclusion is to create an environment where all of us accept, respect and value the differences of multiple identities and truly welcomes the diverse ideas and perspectives of individuals. In doing so, we shape an open and creative company culture, providing every individual an equal opportunity to thrive. 

Patricia Hargil-1
“Messer is committed to creating a company culture that attracts and retains highly skilled employees, and we're also fostering an inclusive environment that enables and motivates everyone to reach their highest potential.”

Patricia Hargil, Diversity Officer, Messer Americas

Diversity at Messer Americas

Here's a breakdown of the different and diverse representation of our employees across the Americas as of Dec. 31, 2022. 



Diversity Leadership

Patricia Hargil-1
Patricia Hargil

Americas Diversity Officer

Valery Bautista_New - Copy
Valery Bautista

Colomba & Chile Diversity Ambassador

Jem Janik

D&I Program Manager

Michele Long

Vice President of Communications

Jens Luehring-1
Jens Luehring

President & CEO

Sadou Ly

Canada Diversity Ambassador

Lucas Munhoz_circle-1
Lucas Munhoz

Brazil Diversity Ambassador

Brian Williams-1
Brian Williams

Vice President of HR

Diversity Governance

Messer Americas’ D&I Council is governed through Messer Executive Committee with representatives from all the countries in which we operate. The D&I Ambassadors work the D&I Officer, HR, Communications and local teams to progress our D&I objectives. This approach helps us to embrace diversity and inclusion through dedicated initiatives and concrete actions, working through and with the organization.

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